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R2088 - Anti-Backlash Gears 0,6

This anti-backlash gear is made from aluminium (anodised before cutting). However, speical versions of the gear are available on request. (number of teeth, pressure angle, quality class, etc.)

R2230 - Miniature Gear Boxes (bevel)

The gear box is a right angle drive suitable for instrument and light duty drives. It's economical and reliable.

R3200 - Rigid Shaft Couplings - One Piece

This rigid shaft coupling has a high axial load and a high torque capacity. Comes made in steel (black oxide finish) or stainless steel (A2).

R2138 - Worm Gears 0,8

Worm gears are made from brass. Right hand thread. Quality class of the worm gear is DIN 7/AGMA 10

R1010 - Gear Drive Chains 3,325mm circular

This gear drive chain has extra strength 90A Durometer, it has a ultimate tensile strength of 440N when the belt is used in a open loop configuration (without splice, no crimp bushing).

R2240 - Miniature Mitre Gear Box

This gear box has an aluminium housing with stainless steel shafts. The gears can come in stainless steel or aluminium. The bearings are available in stainless or bronze.

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