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L1000 - Crossed Roller Rail Sets

Crossed roller rail comes made from alloy steel. The crossed roller cages can be cut to length to alter stroke - but this affects load rating.

L1001 - Stainless Crossed Roller Rail Sets

Comes made from stainless steel (AISI 440C). It's supplied in sets of 4 rails. Has a hardness of 60±2 HRC.

L1003 - Anti-Creep Crossed Roller Rail Sets

This rail set is made from Stainless steel. These rail sets are designed for high acceleration applications, or systyems with significant moment loads.

L1004 - Needle Roller Rail Sets - M rail

Needle roller rails have a higher load rating than cross roller rails. The length of the cage affects both the stroke of the rail and it's load carrying capacity.

L1004 - Needle Roller Rail Sets - V rail

Made from hardened steel alloy. Comes supplied in a set of 4 with needle rollers in aluminium cage, with GM end stops.

L1005 - Anti-friction Coated M Rail

These anti-friction rails are similar in size to the L1000 rails but are primarily used as dirt-proof units.

More Information

By using normalised roller guides, it has greatly simplified these applications (adjustments to flat surfaces & construction problems) reducting the process cost and also ensuring the interchangeability of the different guides themselves. Making it available to do any time.

L1006 - Anti-Friction Coated V Rail

These rails are primarily used as dirt-proof wunits, to reduce any system vibration and improve rigidty. The working temperature must be less than 50°C.

L1008 - Linear Cage - crossed roller

The cage can be made from plastic, steel or stainless sleel (AISI 304). The maximum length that this is supplied in is 1 metre.

L1009 - Linear Cage - needle roller

The needle roller cage comes made from plastic (PA 12). When you order the cage specify the length required; supplied in ma. 1 metre lengths.

L1004 - Needle Roller Linear Cages

Made with steel rollers and an aluminium retaining cage. Specify the length of cage required when purchasing (must be a multiple pitch).

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