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Zimmer Group

L1016 - Rail Clamp

It has an aluminium body. The manual rail clamps are used in conjuction with the rail carriages (flanged and unflanged).

L1010 - Manual Clamps for Miniature Rail

The clampis is made from corrosion resistant, hardened stainless steel. Activating the claming knob presses the clamp contact surface onto the rail.

L1018 - Rail Clamp - for aluminium rail

By adjusting the clamping lever, the contact sections are pressed into contact with the rail, clamping the carriage in place.

L1784 - Manual Shaft Clamps

Activating the clamping lever presses the contact faces into contact with the shaft bar to clamp it in place.

L1900 - Slider Clamps

With an aluminium clamp body and steel clamping face. It is used to clamp carriages in place onto the compact rails.

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