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Premium Aircraft Seating Motion Components

Aluminium Linear (New)

  • Footprint size including sliders from 20mm by 16.5mm
  • Adjustable pre-load
  • Sliders from 33grams
  • Rails from 235grams/1meter

Miniature Linear

  • Sizes start from 5mm up to 42mm wide
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Max height 16mm including slider on the largest rail
  • Strong and compact

Linkages & Bearing Units (Pillow Blocks)

  • Rod Ends
  • Ball Joints
  • Universal Joints
  • Pillow block and bearing units

Telescopic Sldies

  • Fully and semi telescopic heavy duty and low profile, in steel and Aluminium
  • Heavy duty steel slides can be made 30% lighter without affecting load rating by machining pockets into the rail

Easy to Install Rail and X-Rail

  • Sizes start from 18mm wide with a load capacity of 80kg per sldier
  • Adjustable pre-load
  • Allows for some mis-alignment
  • X-Rail available in AISI 316 stainless

Curved Rail

  • Minimum radius 120mm
  • Zinc plated steel. Stainless steel and aluminium on request with no MOQ!
  • Pockets can be machined to reduce weight
  • Adjustable pre-load

Specialist Fastenings

  • Shoulder screws
  • Captive screws
  • Sealing screws
  • Specails made to drawing for low MOQ!
  • Inch and metric sizes.

Precision Lead Screws & Gearboxes

  • Sizes start from 4mm diameter
  • Stainless steel screw with an acetal nut
  • Miniature right angled gearboxes

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