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L1024 - Ball Slide Assemblies

With an aluminium carriage, hardened steel shafts and balls. The Ball slide is coefficient of friction 0,003 typical.

L1026 - Crossed Roller Tables

The sldies are lightly lubricated during assembly. Additional lubrication is required for speeds above 30m/min.

L1028 - Ball Slide Assemblies - precision

Coefficient of friction 0,002. Has a straight line accuracy of 3μ/25mm of travel.

L1029 - Crossed Roller Slides - precision

The stroke is centered on the mid-point of the slides (i.e. 50% of total stroke each way).

More Information

Automotion crossed roller rails and ball slides offer flexibility for the right choice of the linear slides you require for your application. These linear slides have a one piece ball retainer to maintain the position of the ball bearing retainer.

L1032 - Crossed Roller Slides - high precision

The carriage and base are ground to optical flatness. The crossed roller design greatly increases load capacity.

L1030 - Ball Slide Assemblies

The low profile ball slides have a straight line accuracy of 1μ/25mm of travel.

L1034 - Flanged Ball Slides

The flanged base allows easy mounting and extra stability. It has a positional repeatability of 0,5μ.

L1036 - Crossed Roller Slides - flanged, wide base

The flanged base with cross rollers offers the ultimate in accuracy, capacity and stability.

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