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Automotion supply a large range of mechanical components to design engineers and special purpose machine builders. We specialise in linear rail systems, lead and ball screws, mechanical precision components and rotary parts. Our parts are fully listed on our website, where cad files can be downloaded and parts ordered. We hold a lot of product in stock.


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Linear Guideways

Linear guideways and linear rails are stocked in a wide range of sizes and types at Automotion Components for same day dispatch.
We are one of the largest suppliers of linear rail systems in the UK and provide systems in steel, stainless steel and aluminium with different accuracy grades. We have a dedicated specialist rail cutting machines enabling immediate shipment of our linear rail.

What are linear rails and linear guideways?

A Linear Guide, or Linear rail, is a system which helps with the movement and supporting of the load of a piece of equipment in a linear fashion, either vertically or horizontally. We have a high load, high precision, gothic arc profile linear guide system to DIN 645 interchangeable with other major competitors systems. Miniature versions of this system are also stocked in hardened stainless steel. We also have roller bearing linear guides which allow for misalignment in the system when using a pair of guides, making installation quicker and more cost effective. These come in a precision range or a low cost range. Low cost range available in AISI 316 stainless steel for marine environments!

3D CAD Available (NO Registration Required)

Standard Linear Guideways

Our most popular linear rail systems with either flanged or un-flanged carriages. Width sizes 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 45 and 55mm. Lengths up to 4 metres.

Stainless Steel Linear Rails

Made from 316L stainless steel these rails can be used in wash down, pharmaceutical and other environments where corrosion may be a problem

Rails with Self-Alignment Capability

In some cases the cost to accurately align and install a rail system can be high. We offer a rail system with a master and a "slave" rail, so that the system can adapt to misalignment.

Aluminium Linear Guideways

These linear guideways are far lighter than steel versions (approx. about 50% of the weight). They are often used where corrosion may cause issues.

Linear Rail Clamps

Many customers wish to "lock" the rail system in position whilst performing an operation. These Clamps are deisgned to be used alongside our standard linear guideway carriages.

Low Cost Linear rails

For less accurate and lower loads applications we have a range of pressed steel section rails in three sizes. The rails are zince plated and inexpensive. Stock length up to 3 metres.

Miniature Linear Guideways

For smaller applications, the rails are made from stainless steel. Width sizes 3mm up to 42mm. Lengths up to 1 metre.

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