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R2094 - Anti-Backlash Gears 0,3

Can be made in either Stainless steel or aluminium. The hub for this anti-backlash gear is made from stainless steel (DIN 1,4305)

R2096 - Anti-Backlash Gears 0,25

The anti-backlash gear has a pressure angle of 20°. The quality class DIN 7, AGMA 10.

R2220 - Miniature Gear Boxes - Mitre

Ground and hardened steel shafts, sintered bronze bearing system. The Gear box and its bearings are lubricated for life.

R2250 - Miniature Gear Boxes - Bevel

Aluminium housing. Stainless steel shafts. BEarings come in either stainless steel or bronze. Gears available in stainless steel or aluminium.

R3194 - Rigid Shaft Couplings

Very light with low moment of inertia. Maintenance free, excellent anti-oil and corrosion resistance.

R3002 - Flexible Shaft Couplings

One piece construction. Has high flexability. Theres no backlash. Has a temperature range -40°C to +120°C.

RR2130 - Worm Gears 1,5

Worm gears are made from brass. They have a quality class DIN 7/ AGMA 10. The thread can change from left to right hand.

R2100 - Mitre & Bevel Gears 1,5

These gears are made from stainless steel or aluminium. They have a pressure angle of 20°. The Gears will only mesh at right angles.

R1005 - Gear Drive Chains 2,54mm circular

Infinite lengths, silent drive, positive drive, mass 12 grams/metre, zero backlash, no lubrication, 90A Durometer.

R1410 - Timing belt 9,525mm circular

No flanges required, compact design, positive drive, light weight, extra strong. the ultimate tensile strength of the timing belt 556N.

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