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R3194 - Rigid Shaft Couplings

Very light with low moment of inertia. Maintenance free, excellent anti-oil and corrosion resistance.

R2100 - Mitre & Bevel Gears 1,5

These gears are made from stainless steel or aluminium. They have a pressure angle of 20°. The Gears will only mesh at right angles.

R1420 - Timing belts - 12,7mm circular pitch

This timing belt has a temperature range of +83°C ro -54°C. It also has a recommened max. operating speed of 1,91m/s.

R2240 - Miniature Mitre Gear Box

This gear box has an aluminium housing with stainless steel shafts. The gears can come in stainless steel or aluminium. The bearings are available in stainless or bronze.

R1000 - Gear Drive Chains - 2,5mm nominal circular pitch

Has an ultimate tensile strength of 130N. Has a temperature range of +80°C to -25°C.

R2096 - Anti-Backlash Gears 0,25

The anti-backlash gear has a pressure angle of 20°. The quality class DIN 7, AGMA 10.

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