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Wm Berg - Italy Agents

R2233- Mitre Miniature Gearbox

This gear box has higher torque units if they are required. They are available on request.

R2112 - 0,3 Mitre & Bevel Gears

These gears are available in stainless steel (DIN 1,4305) and aluminium (DIN 3,1355). They have a 20° pressure angle

R1000 - Gear Drive Chains - 2,5mm nominal circular pitch

Has an ultimate tensile strength of 130N. Has a temperature range of +80°C to -25°C.

R3202 - Rigid Shaft Couplings - Two Piece

These couplings have a high axial load and torque capacity. Comes made in steel (black oxide finish) or Stainless steel (A2).

R1420 - Timing belts - 12,7mm circular pitch

This timing belt has a temperature range of +83°C ro -54°C. It also has a recommened max. operating speed of 1,91m/s.

R3005 - Beamed Coupling - six beam

This coupling is maded form stainless steel, has a high flexibility and a temperature range of -40°C to +120°C

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