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Automotion supply a large range of mechanical components to design engineers and special purpose machine builders. We specialise in linear rail systems, lead and ball screws, mechanical precision components and rotary parts. Our parts are fully listed on our website, where cad files can be downloaded and parts ordered. We hold a lot of product in stock.


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THK Alternatives

Standard preload carriages are K0 (no preload) or K1 (0,02 x dynamic load capacity). Other preloads available on request.

Standard preload carriages are K0 (no preload) or K1 (0,02 x dynamic load capacity). Other preloads available on request.

Standard preload carriages are K0 (no preload) or K1 (0,02 x dynamic load capacity). Other preloads available on request.

SSR V Automotion
SSR15V L1016.UL15-S
SSR20V L1016.UL20-S
SSR25V L1016.UL25-S
#N/A #N/A
#N/A #N/A
SSR W Automotion
SSR15W L1016.UL15
SSR20W L1016.UL20
SSR25W L1016.UL25
SSR30W L1016.UL30
SSR35W L1016.UL35
SSR TB Automotion
SSR25TB L1016.UL25
#N/A #N/A
#N/A #N/A
SR V Automotion
SR15V L1016.UL15-S
SR20V L1016.UL20-S
SR25V L1016.UL25-S
SR30V L1016.UL30-SL
SR35V L1016.UL35-S
SR W Automotion
SR15W L1016.UL15
SR20W L1016.UL20
SR25W L1016.UL25
SR30W L1016.UL30
SR35W L1016.UL35
SR45W L1016.UL45
SR55W L1016.UL55
SR TB Automotion
SR25TB L1016.FL25
SR30TB L1016.FL30
SR35TB L1015.FL35
SR45TB L1016.FL45
SR55TB L1016.FL55
SR SB Automotion
SR15SB L1016.FL15-S
SR25SB L1016.FL25-S
#N/A #N/A
#N/A #N/A
SH C Automotion
SH15C L1016.F15-L
SH20C L1016.F20-L
SH25C L1016.F25-L
SH30C L1016.F30-L
SH35C L1016.F35-L
SH45C L1016.F45-L
SH55C L1016.F55
SHS LC Automotion
SHS25LC L1016.F25-XL
SHS30LC L1016.F30-XL
SHS35LC L1016.F35-XL
SHS45LC L1016.F45-XL
SHS45LC L1016.F45-XL
SHS V Automotion
SHS15V L1016.UL15-L
SHS20V L1016-U20-L
SHS30V L1016.UL30-L
SHS35V L1016.UL35-L
SHS45V L1016.UL45-L
SHS55V L1016.UL55
SHS LV Automotion
SHS30LV L1016.UL30-XL
SHS35LV L1016.UL35-XL
SHS45LV L1016.UL45-XL
SHS55LV L1016.UL55-XL
SHS R Automotion
SHS15R L1016.U15
SHS20R L1016-U20-L
SHS30R L1016.U30-L
SHS35R L1016.U35-L
SHS45R L1016.U45-L
SHS55R L1016.U55
SHS LR Automotion
#N/A #N/A
#N/A #N/A
SHS25LR L1016.U25-XL
SHS30LR L1016.U30-XL
SHS25LR L1016.U35-XL
SHS45LR L1016.U45-XL
SHS55LR L1016.U55-XL
HSR R Automotion
HSR15R L1016.U15
HSR20R L1016-U20-L
HSR25R L1016.U25
HSR30R L1016.U30
HSR35R L1016.U35
HSR45R L1016.U45-L
HSR55R L1016.U55
HSR LR Automotion
#N/A #N/A
#N/A #N/A
HSR25LR L1016.U25-XL
HSR30LR L1016.U30-XL
HSR35LR L1016.U35-XL
HSR45LR L1016.U45-XL
HSR55LR L1016.U55-XL
HSR C Automotion
HSR15C L1016.F15
HSR20C L1016-F20
HSR25C L1016.F25
HSR30C L1016.F30
HSR35C L1016.F35
#N/A #N/A
#N/A #N/A
HSR A Automotion
HSR15A L1016.F15
HSR20A L1016.F20
HSR25A L1016.F25
HSR30A L1016.F30
HSR35A L1016.F35
HSR45A L1016.F45-L
HSR55A L1016.F55
HSR LA Automotion
#N/A #N/A
HSR25LA L1016-F25-XL
HSR30LA L1016.F30-XL
HSR35LA L1016.F35-L
HSR45LA L1016.F45-XL
HSR55LA L1016.F55-XL
HSR B Automotion
HSR15B L1016.F15
HSR20B L1016.F20
HSR25B L1016.F25
HSR30B L1016.F30
HSR35B L1016.F35
HSR45B L1016.F45-L
HSR55B L1016.F55
HSR LB Automotion
#N/A #N/A
HSR25LB L1016-F25-XL
HSR30LB L1016.F30-XL
HSR35LB L1016.F35-XL
HSR45LB L1016.F45-XL
SHS55LB L1016.F55-XL

The New Linear Motion Handbook - Now Available

Automotion supply a large range of linear motion components, now available in one handbook. We specialise in a variety of linear rail systems, telescopic slides, lead and ball screws, linear shafts and bushings, positioning stages, plus much more!

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