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P2103 - Steel A-V Mounts

Provides an elastic support mechanism for equipment isolation. Used in generator sets, motors, pumps and most other machine parts

P2104 - V-shaped Marine Mounts

This mount has a v-shaped design providing high deflections for relatively low loads.

P2105 - Anti-vibration Domed Mounts

The design of the mount makes them ideal for machines that move in three directions

P2106 - Domed Anti-vibration Mounts

The desgin of these mounts makes them ideal for the use with machines where violation of vertical and horizontal vibration occur.

P2107 - Anti-vibration V Mounts

Has a three point anchorage, two to a base and one to the piece of equipment

P2109 - Gel Cylinders

This mount is designed for applications where a base plate is required and there is a need for damping heavy-load vibration.

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