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Captive Screws

A huge range of captive screws available in stock for same day dispact from Automotion Components. Captive screw thread sizes M2.5, M3, M3.5, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10 and M12.
The majority of our captive screws are made from stainless steel (A2, AISI 303), we produce captive screws as well in zinc-plated steel, A4 (AISI 316) stainless steel, brass, nylon and titanium.
We also supply captive threaded washers for use with the captive screws for easy installation with panels and other parts.
Automotion Components have technical engineers who can advise on specific captive screw applications - please call or email.

What are ?

A captive screw is a fastener specially designed to remain in place within an assembly when the assembly is removed.
For example removing a cover panel (guard panel) from an assembly whilst performing maintenance, the screw is required remain with the guard so that the guard or cover can be easily replaced.

In general the captive screw has a thinner diameter shoulder over the length of the screw, then a threaded portion at the end. When fixing in place the screw is screwed through the panel (or cover) and then into the final part of the structure.
When removing the panel (by unscrewing) the captive screw does not unscrew from the cover itself and remains with it.
Another option is to use a standard panel with a special threaded captive washer on one side. The used of captive fasteners has increased considerably since the introduction of an EU directive 2006/42/EC placed increased requirements on machine manufacturers, to ensure fasteners are retained upon disassembly - for safety reasons - generally to ensure that the protective panela can be easily put back in place by an engineer- without screws being lost.

3D CAD Available (NO Registration Required)

Captive Screws - Socket Head

Our standard range of captive screws with threads sizes from M3 to M12 - and a large number of lengths up to 80mm to suit customer applications.

Captive Screws - Pan Head

Captive Phillips drive pan head screws available in M2.5 to M6. Stainless steel version

Thin Head Captive Screws

These are special thin diameter head type captive thumb screws and are available in M3, M4, M4, M5 and M6. Lengths from 8mm to 60mm.

Captive Screws - Button Head

Captive button head screws with either hex or Torx drive. In stainless steel A2 AISI 303 (other materials on request). Thread sizes M2.5 to M6, lengths 8mm to 60mm.

Captive washers

These are special threaded captive washers that are often used in conjuction with our captive screws. Stainless steel (grade A2 and A4, AISI 303 AISI 316) and zinc-plated steel.
Available in thread sizes M2.5, M3, M3.5, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10 and M12.

Captive Screws - Hex Bolts

Our standard range of captive hex bolts/screws with threads sizes M3 to M12 - and a large number of lengths up to 80mm to suit customer applications

Captive thumb screws

Standard captive thumb screws in M3, M4, M5 and M6. Lengths from 8mm to 30mm.

Captive Screws - Countersunk Head

Countersunk (hex drive) captive screws in thread sizes M2 to M6. Lengths from 10mm to 60mm. Stainless steel (A2) - zinc-plated steel and other versions on request.

Captive Panel Screws

These are special thin diameter shank screws with pointed end for easy location of the screw and are available in M3, M4, M5 and M6. Lengths from 8mm to 50mm.

What is a Captive Screw?

A Captive Screws from Automotion Components are available with a variety of head styles - captive socket head cap screws, captive countersunk screws, captive pan head screws, captive hex bolts as well as a range of captive thumb screws and captive panel screws.
To download the complete captive screw range (pdf) Click Here.


To work effectively the captive screw when installed needs to have a space or counterbore between the thread and cover at least equal to the length of the thread.

Retaining Washers

These are simple but effective when used with our captive screws. The captive screws have a normal thread then a reduced diameter for the rest of the screw length.

The washer has a small length of thread on the internal diameter and once screwed on to the captive screw is effectively captive.


Screw the thin retaining washer onto the captive screw and the screw is therefore retained to the panel

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